Rent A Power Chair In Chicago, Illinois

Wheelchair Rental Pros offers power wheelchairs for rent in the Chicago, Illinois area. When you’re on the town and plan on traveling frequently you require comfort, maneuverability and long lasting battery life—we have you covered. Our power wheelchair rentals provide a reliable ride, both indoors and outdoors. Merits and Drive are among the brands available. Call (312) 404-8802 to learn more.

Power Wheelchair Rental

Rent A Power Wheelchair near Chicago, IL. Powerchairs provide maximum front stability, combined with the advantages of in-line motor technology. This power wheelchair combines in-line motor technology with Active-Trac suspension for a smooth, comfortable ride. To learn more about renting a powerchair in Chicago please call (312) 404-8802

Mini Portable Motorized Wheelchair

Available mini portable motorized wheelchair for rent in Chicago, Illinois. Rentals and delivery options to areas like: Chicagoland and surrounding cities.  To learn more about renting a mini motorized portable powerchair please call (312) 404-8802

Powerchair For Rent Chicago, Illinois

Standard powerchair rentals in Chicago, Illinois and delivery is available throughout Chicagoland along with surrounding cities.  Weight capacity is 300 lbs. The speed is 5 mph and the battery charge is around 18 miles. To learn more about renting a powerchair please call (312) 404-8802

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